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A call to amend RA 9262 otherwise known as Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004, and a call for the government to come up with a better law providing EQUAL PROTECTION for all.

Domestic Violence is not a gender issue. It happens to all. Let's help stop Domestic Violence now!

We need your help too!

Shelter for all Men

One of the ultimate goals of this movement, is to finally establish a center for men barred by law in joining their family. I started to believe that there's none and if ever this will be the first one, till I saw this old news clip from Cebu about it's city approving the establishment of Men's Center. The initiative was headed by a certain Teresa Fernandez of Cebu City Women and Family Affairs Commision or CCWFAC which she serves as its Executive Chairperson.

I haven't been to Cebu, but will probably soon if this project goes thru. This news clipping I got was published around December, and I'm guessing that by this time it's already serving it's purpose. And for this resolution, I want to commend again Ms. Fernandez, along with Councilor Leah Japson, the Bantay Banay Inter-Agency Coordinating Council and the local government of Cebu for supporting this project.

A batterer or an offender intervention program is cited under RA 9262 Sec. 14.

"SEC. 41. Counseling and Treatment of Offenders. – The DSWD shall provide rehabilitative counseling and treatment to perpetrators towards learning constructive ways of coping with anger and emotional outbursts and reforming their ways. When necessary, the offender shall be ordered by the Court to submit to psychiatric treatment or confinement."

As I write this article, I have not seen nor heard any program pertaining to the above captioned instruction from this law. Now let's compare it with this one;

"SEC. 40. Mandatory Programs and Services for Victims. – The DSWD, and LGU’s shall provide the victims temporary shelters, provide counseling, psycho-social services and /or, recovery, rehabilitation programs and livelihood assistance."

"The DOH shall provide medical assistance to victims."

Now out in the streets you'll definitely go, if you happen to be the 'offender', guilty or not, as soon as a protection order is issued, you're out. Now let's just say that the court found you guilty of the offense? I guess your just out of luck, as all you should get as per this law you just won a ticket to the Anger Management program (if there's one).

Equal protection of laws? Forget it, till this law is amended, we need to be very careful. If we can gather at least a million supporter for about a peso each, I'm hoping that a center for us will be built where rehabilitation and livelihood assistance aside from temporary shelter will be offered. With this project let's help them help us.

Here's what we need;

- 1 million members/supporter
- 1 million pesos for the Center and Services
- 1 million prayers that this come true

If you want to help us, a widget is placed in the left corner for your donation. It's linked via PayPal to accept international and local contributions.


Anonymous said...
September 20, 2009 at 3:59 AM

My name is Ricci Zolayvar... Im on my thesis writing about battered women... Im looking for a shelter home in Cebu where in i can conduct and distribute my research instruments to battered women..I know for sure this will be of help to them... I just couldn't find one shelter home and their address... I would be glad if you could help me... you can send it thru my email address... ish0983@yahoo.com

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