Welcome to Diego Silang Movement

A call to amend RA 9262 otherwise known as Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004, and a call for the government to come up with a better law providing EQUAL PROTECTION for all.

Domestic Violence is not a gender issue. It happens to all. Let's help stop Domestic Violence now!

We need your help too!

Renewing my call

Many seem to not understand what my cause is, lest what RA 9262 is, till they become victim or the subject of it. For the past weeks, I dedicated my time doing some research so I can further my knowledge of the subject and to extend help to others as well.

With further research and with the feedback I’ve received, I can say that I have grown. I launched the site primarily to air what I felt at that time, and so that somehow others may be forewarned. Now I'm into answering questions like, “How can I really help?” With this question, I came to the conclusion that I need to revise my call to repeal RA 9262. This angered some who didn't even bother to read what the whole site is all about, thinking I'm just another chauvinistic, gender-biased bastard, a cry baby begging for some attention. The truth is, I am for the protection of everyone. I want all forms of abuse to stop.

The Diego Silang Movement will now focus more on Domestic Violence for all ages and gender. However, its main focus will be that of Father's Rights and our crusade to justice. I will be putting in more studies and reviews from books and experiences to let help this forsaken nation realize what fatherhood is all about. To the members of our gay and lesbian communities, I cannot speak for them as of yet, but they are welcome to speak out and share their experiences. We need all the help we can get to make this cause work for us. Let's make this call together and be vigilant of our rights. We all need protection and we all need help, but as long as this government focuses only on women's and children's rights, this will not be possible. Now I am renewing my call to amend RA 9262 immediately and focus on the protection of ALL GENDERS.


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